Irina Ball Miami Business Woman Gives Us Her Best Tips for Travelling in a Pandemic

Travel can be a harrowing experience, even at the best of times. During a pandemic, travel has the added difficulty of navigating your personal health and the protection of those around you. Longer wait times, increased safety precautions, and new rules and regulations can make traveling a less than pleasant experience. Luckily, Irina Ball Miami businesswoman and international business financial consultant has a few tips and tricks up her sleeve to help keep you comfortable and well prepared during your next journey.

Bring Your Own Food Says Irina Ball Miami Financial Consultant

“Times are so different,” says Irina Ball Miami businesswoman. “We have to be really careful about our personal health and safety. But while we focus on those precautions, it’s really easy to overlook the changes to the everyday conveniences we’ve come to take for granted.”

One of these conveniences is easy access to food and beverages — especially in airports. Many airports have closed their restaurants and take-out kiosks for employee and traveler safety. And almost all airlines have stopped distributing food and drink on domestic flights to discourage the removal of your mask. Every state and airport has its own regulations and setup, but it’s best to be prepared and have your own snacks and beverages ready to go.

“The 3 oz rule is still in effect for most fluids,” says Irina Ball Miami consultant and frequent traveler. “So be sure to bring an empty, refillable water bottle. Many airports have bottle-filling stations. Try to use those instead of water fountains which people touch and drink from with their mouths.”

For snacks, she suggests a variety of healthy options that balance protein, fat, and carbs. “It’s more likely than ever that you will experience delays while you travel,” says Irina Ball Miami. “Jerky, dried fruit, nuts, raisins, cheese and crackers, peanut butter, and hummus are all excellent options that will fill you up and keep you from getting a sugar crash later in the day.”

Pack Wisely Says Irina Ball Miami Businesswoman and World Traveler

Packing efficiently has always been a well-known travel tip, but Irina Ball suggests taking extra care during the pandemic. “You have to plan for all eventualities to make sure you’re not taken by surprise,” says Irina Ball Miami. She suggests packing extra underthings, travel packets of laundry detergent, and extra doses of any important medication.

“If you were to be exposed to the coronavirus on your trip, you may find yourself having to quarantine in your destination longer than planned. Try to think about the challenges that would cause and pack accordingly,” says Irina Ball Miami.

Irina Ball from Miami, is an International Business Financial Consultant and has a Bachelor in Business.